Biotox Gold Review

The Biotox Gold supplement was formulated to address the underlying hormonal issue that control how much food you eat, making it easier for you to lose weight. A lot of folks think that losing weight is just about calories in vs calories out and having the willpower to stick to a weight loss plan. However, scientific research has shown that certain hormones including the one the supplement addresses which regulates fat storage and how satisfied you feel when you eat, are part of the weight loss equation. Hormonal resistance, a condition where your body does not properly respond to this hormone, is believed to be a major underlying factor of weight gain and obesity.

Biotox Gold Review


So if you have tried dieting and exercising to lose weight for a while without seeing anything change, then you could be dealing with this real, root cause of your weight problems that is often times completely ignored or undiscovered by many weight loss seekers and instructors. This review was written to provide information on Biotox Gold so you will have an idea if this supplement can help you with in your fitness efforts.

What Is Biotox Gold?

Formulated by Biotox Nutrition, Biotox Gold is claimed a 100% natural formula that specifically targets the hormonal issue as well as help optimize the metabolism, promoting more efficient and effective weight loss. Biotox Gold is the main product sold by Biotox Nutrition, and according to the company, the supplement was developed from extensive research and trials to ensure a safe and effective product for losing weight.

The company claims that the ingredients in the supplement is purely organic and carefully blended together to create a reliable formula that customers can use to help them lose weight in the most effective way possible. They said the goal of this product is to give your efforts a major boost and help you get rid of the excess fat that you want to lose.

How The Supplement Works

Biotox Gold was designed to fix the hunger and appetite issues that could be caused by the hormonal resistance, and in turn provide you the ability to eat the right amount of calories that will allow to lose weight. When hormonal resistance occurs it prevents your body from regulating how much you eat and how much fat you store. Therefore, addressing this hormone and bringing it back into balance is crucial if you want to achieve successful weight loss.

But the question is how does the supplement target and fix the problems with the leptin hormone.

Well, the ingredients in the Biotox Gold formula target and eliminate unhealthy toxins in our body that negatively affect leptin and the metabolism. There are certain toxic chemicals called EDCs (endocrine-disrupting chemicals), which causes many health problems including disrupting leptin and increasing fat gain. EDCs are present everywhere and get into our body when you consume foods and use products that are contaminated with them.

EDCs Facts:

  • They are substances that interfere with the normal function of your body’s endocrine system.
  • They can be found in the environment, food, and commercial products.
  • They interfere with the body’s natural hormone balance and prevent them from doing their job.
  • Due to their ability to disrupt different hormones they have been linked to many health issues.
  • Some EDCs have been linked to weight gain because they disrupt hormonal balance, affect metabolism and force your body to store more fat.
  • Scientists have found that EDCs play a role in why some men and women find it impossible to lose fat and keep it off.

The Biotox Gold supplement was designed to get rid of EDCs by detoxifying the body. When you get rid of these chemicals your hormones become balanced and weight loss happens efficiently with less effort.

The reason this happens is the hormonal resistance the supplement addresses causes weight loss to be more difficult because this hormone is responsible for regulating your hunger, so when it is out of balance this would make you always crave food and eat more than you should. The supplement contains ingredients that specifically target the EDCs that cause the hormonal resistance, which in return leads to balanced hunger and natural weight loss as well.

The supplement also contains herbal ingredients that works to make the metabolism function better. Slow metabolism is another underlying factor that causes people to struggle with weight loss. A slow metabolism can be addressed by doing different things, which includes including the right herbal ingredients in your diet.

Metabolism Facts:

  • Metabolism is the body’s system for converting food and drink into energy. The energy is used to fuel your body’s chemical reactions that keep your body alive and functioning.
  • When you have a high metabolism you burn more calories, lose weight and keep it off easier.
  • Having an elevated capacity to burn calories can likewise give you vitality and cause you to feel better.
  • Certain foods can increase your metabolism for a period of time when you eat them due to their high thermic effect, this means they require a higher amount of calories to digest, absorb and process the nutrients.
  • Some natural ingredients from plants have been shown to increase metabolism. They may work by helping convert some of the fat stored in your body into free fatty acids, which may increase fat burning.
  • Taking measures to increase your metabolism will help prevent the any weight loss plateau that happens when there is a decrease in metabolism.

Does Biotox Gold Have Any Side Effects?

Many weight loss supplements that use organic ingredients like Biotox Gold are harmless, and may be effective at doing what they are created to do, which is mainly creating a sense of fullness, increasing fat burn, or optimizing the metabolism. Usually, these supplements that are made from a mixture of all-natural ingredients are do not have serious side effects. If you experience any side effects from such products they are usually mild and harmless.

Biotox Nutrition

If you are worried about which supplements that have harmful side effects you have to look for those that contain popular ingredients that have been banned by the FDA. Some of these FDA banned ingredients include Ephedra, Hydroxycut and Fen-Phen.

Biotox Gold contains natural, quality ingredients and the product was manufactured at an FDA-inspected facility that contains the right type of equipment. Also, the supplements are put through additional third-party inspections and quality control so you can be sure that this Biotox product is safe.

However, the company has a disclaimer on their website letting people know that the FDA has not verified their claims of the effectiveness of their product. The website states:

“Statements on the site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They said their products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you are pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or have a medical condition, consult your physician before using their products.”

The FDA maintains a list of tainted weight-loss products so consumers can be aware of ones they should stay away from. it appears that none of Biotox Nutrition’s products are on this list. However, keep in mind that the FDA can’t test every new product on the market. If you want to ensure your safety you should consult a healthcare professional before you take this supplement, especially if you currently have a medical condition or you’re taking other prescription medication.

How Are Weight Loss Supplements Abused?

Even if a weight loss supplement is safe and healthy, there is the possibility that they may be abused by certain individuals or used in a way that is not intended or recommended by the creator.

Bottle Opened

People who have eating disorders may not care about the dangers of eating too little calories so they may abuse the appetite suppressant aspect of the supplement in order to eat as little food as possible. Also, some people may be so preoccupied with weight loss that they don’t follow the safe or recommendation dosage of the supplement.

Here are the ways some persons can abuse this supplement:

  1. Taking more than the recommended dosage.
  2. Persons who are at a normal weight or underweight may still take the supplement to lose weight they do not need to lose, putting their health at risk.
  3. Taking the supplement in a way that goes against their doctor’s recommendation or supervision.
  4. Using more than one weight loss supplement at the same that may conflict with each other or not recommended to use together.
  5. Combining the supplement with other substances that increase body expulsion.
  6. Using the supplement with certain drugs and stimulants that alter mood or mind.

The health risks associated with abusing weight loss supplements are very serious. Overdosing on a supplement or combining supplements products could increase your blood pressure and put you at risk of a heart attack or stroke. Other conditions that could occur from misusing supplements include diarrhea, fluid loss, electrolyte imbalance, and even organ failure.

So the message is clear, use Biotox Gold and any other weight loss supplements only as recommended by the creator and refrain from abusing them.

Biotox Gold Ingredients

The claim is that Biotox Gold has natural ingredients and they’re extremely high quality. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients inside Biotox Gold:

1. Garcinia Cambogia:

Some of the claims for Garcinia Cambogia are controversial, but one claim that stands out is its ability to reduce the process that creates new fat which is called lipogenesis. However, it is said that some people who use Garcinia may experience adverse effects like nausea. This is said to be the body’s response to a high level motility.

2. Grape Seed Extract:

Grape seed extract is made from the seeds of wine grapes. It is rich in antioxidants and oligomeric proanthocyanidin complexes and has been found to have a wide range of possible health benefits.

3. Capsicum Extract:

Capsicum is also known as red pepper or chili pepper is used to make medicine to treat a number of health conditions. It is most commonly used for rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, and other conditions cause pain. It is also beneficial for problems with the digestive system, heart and blood vessels problems, and many other conditions.

4. Eleuthero:

Eleuthero is a small, woody shrub and people use the root to make medicine. Eleuthero is sometimes called “Siberian ginseng” and it has been traditionally used as an immune system booster and a general stimulant.

5. Liquorice Root

Licorice root is considered one of the world’s oldest herbal remedies and comes from the root of the licorice plant. This herb is used to treat various ailments and used as flavoring for candies, drinks, and medicines. It does not contain properties that aid weight loss but it could be used to give flavour and help boost the potency of the other ingredients that it is combined with. Studies have found that liquorice extract used with other forms of ingredients in weight loss supplements help people lose more weight.

6. Panax Ginseng

Panax ginseng is a plant that is found in Korea, northeastern China, and far eastern Siberia. Panax means all-healing in Greek, and people haved used the root for centuries to make medicine. A property in this herb called ginsenosides have been shown to help reduce inflammation and provide antioxidant protection. It does not have any serious safety and potential side effects. According to research, ginseng appears to be safe and should not produce any serious adverse effects.

7. Irvinga Gabonese:

Irvingia gabonensis is a tree that is native to West Africa. The fruit looks like a mango and can be eaten like a mango which is why it is known by the names wild mango and African mango. This ingredient has shown promising results in for aiding weight loss, keeping cholesterol levels low, and improving control of diabetes so that diabetics can reduce the risk of complications.

8. Maca Root:

The maca plant has gained popularity in recent times. It’s a plant native to Peru, and is an active antioxidant. It has traditionally been used to help with a healthy libido and reproductive system, improving energy and stamina.

9. Glycyrrhizin:

Glycyrrhizin is extracted from the roots of the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra (licorice) which is why it is
also referred to as licorice root or sweet root. It’s properties make it an active ingredient for detoxification in the body to get rid of harmful toxins.

10. Guarana:

Guarana is a plant native to Brazil, found in the Amazon basin. The extraction process of guarana involves processing the seeds into powder form. For centuries, tribes in the Amazon region have used guarana for therapy and healing. It contains a range of useful stimulants, including caffeine, theophylline and theobromine. It also contains antioxidants, such as tannins, saponins and catechins. It can be used to detoxify the body to get rid of harmful toxins and helps control motilin resistance , targeting a root cause of weight loss.

Where To Buy Biotox Gold?

Biotox Gold supplement is available for sale only on the official website of the manufacturer Biotox Nutrition. There are three different buying options that customers can choose from, which makes possible to persons to choose a pricing option that best fit their budget and quantity requirements.

The quantity and price packages are:

1. Basic – One bottle of Biotox Gold supplement with free shipping for $79
2. Popular – Three bottles of Biotox Gold supplement, one free bonus and free shipping for $165
3. Best Value – Six bottles of Biotox Gold supplement, two free bonuses and free shipping for $252

Here is a breakdown of the deal and your savings based on the deal you choose:

Basic – $79 per bottle
Popular – $55 per bottle
Best Value – $42 per bottle

From an individual’s perspective, each bottle will last for a month. This means a 3 or 6-month deal which easily lasts for three or six months, respectively. Visit the official website here for current discount pricing and coupon codes.


If you have excess body fat that you have tried to lose in the past but nothing’s worked, then you may benefit from Biotox Gold. The supplement addresses hormonal issues and boosts your metabolism to help you lose weight faster the natural way. Biotox Gold was made from all-natural and herbal ingredients which makes it free from major side effects, and a safe solution to try out for optimizing your weight loss efforts.

Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol Review

Do you have searing, painful hemorrhoids? Like most people with the condition, you’ll want to get rid of it fast and permanently. And while there are many hemorrhoid treatment options available in the form of home remedies or medical products and procedures, not many of them would give you the quick and permanent relief you desperately need. Therefore, if you are suffering from hemorrhoids you need to learn about Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol by Scott Davis. It is a natural and simple solution that promises to target the root cause of your hemorrhoids and get rid of it for good, making sure your distress and discomfort is gone forever. Jamie Brown is a user of the program who shared his success story on the official website. But is this program as good as he claims? You’ll learn more about the protocol in this review.

Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol Diagram

Hemorrhoids, also known as piles, are veins which are engorged and are found in the anus or lower rectum. These swollen veins are sometimes so severe that they hang out of the rectum and wiping after a poo may be painful to the point of drawing blood. And the itching? Oooo! Irritating and painful to say the least. Some may recommend putting a little cream or ointment, but these only provide relief temporarily. That’s because most of these treatments do not focus on solving the cause, but merely address the symptoms. What if you could attack the source? Wouldn’t you want that?

What is Hemorrhoid Healing Protocol?

It is a digital information program that shows you how to naturally heal your hemorrhoids. This revolutionary product which was designed, approved and certified by Scott Davis promises not only relief but a permanent solution to getting rid of your hemorrhoids. How is this possible? You see, Scott has identified that all the problems that are caused by the hemorrhoids such as infirm blood vessels and acute inflammation actually are caused by simple things we do and may not even know it. His program focuses on two key elements: they way you eat and the way you move which, when adapted, will solve your hemorrhoid problem for good.

According to the official website for the program, hemorrhoids don’t just happen, we get it for a reason. And many of the available treatment options address the symptoms of your hemorrhoids, not the real cause. Those may allow you to get relief temporarily from the swelling, itching, bleeding and pain. But after a certain time, you get these symptoms again. Standard creams and treatments address the hemorrhoid symptoms you’ve got rather than the condition that’s making them happen in the first place. If you can identify the actual causes, you have a better chance of remedying the condition itself and get permanent relief.

Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol is designed to address the specific bad habits around food and movement we do that directly cause the condition. And, it would show you how to change those bad habits into good ones that stop hemorrhoids at the source. First, it will guide you towards eating foods that are known to directly reduce and remove the cause of hemorrhoids. And, second, it will teach you how to move in ways that, basically, ease and then reduce them.

One of the claims is that people who used the protocol were getting healing results within days. Jamie Brown claimed that after following the program for 3 weeks his hemorrhoids had reduced to almost nothing before finally disappearing for good.

How Was The Protocol Discovered and Developed?

Jamie Brown revealed that he discovered the protocol on an online forum for hemorrhoid sufferers that he used to read. He said he struck gold when he logged in on one occasion and found people were commenting about alternative remedies for hemorrhoids. He said he was intrigued by what some of the contributors were saying about the underlying causes of hemorrhoids. A couple of the members mentioned that they were using an approach to hemorrhoids that had made a big difference to their condition.

The two main contributors to the discussion in this forum were a woman who had successfully cured her hemorrhoids using the approach and a man who had only been using the approach for a couple of weeks but his hemorrhoids were nearly completely gone.

Jamie learned from the members that the simplest activities we do everyday cause hemorrhoids: Eating and Moving. Most of us have certain habits in these two areas that can cause hemorrhoids to develop. According to the author, eating the wrong stuff and moving too little or moving in the wrong way are the main causes. Also, if you have a susceptibility to hemorrhoids this increases your chances of getting the condition from these bad habits.

How does Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol work?

Although the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol is focused on food and physical activity, Jamie made it known that it is not based on strict diet and exercise as many programs that are created for losing weight or managing other types of health issues. However, some people may experience weight loss from the improvement in eating and moving. The lady in the forum who used the protocol to get rid of her hemorrhoids reportedly lost 7 lbs while on the program. But Jamie stated that weight-loss isn’t the aim of the program. Losing some pounds would be just a positive side effect of the program.

Scott Davis’ program to eliminate the hemorrhoids focuses on making certain key changes to what we eat and how we move. Here is more details on why and how the program addresses eating and moving to remedy hemorrhoids:

1. What We Eat

He rationalized that foods which are anti-inflammatory, ease pain, toughen blood vessels and generally improve bowel movements will get rid of hemorrhoids. Specific fibres and foods which improve circulatory health are an important part of your diet. Astringents and anthocyanins work hand in hand to alleviate and remove hemorrhoids. These foods work by fighting inflammation and coagulation within the circulatory system and in doing so, will reduce hemorrhoids. Scott’s program incorporates the use of both therapeutic and medicinal foods. In this program, you are enlightened as to the best food choices to permanently get rid of your hemorrhoids. His recipes can be made from simple, and easily obtained ingredients in the comfort of your own home.

2. How We Move

How we move is also another main factor in curing your hemorrhoid problem for good. Many people live a sedentary lifestyle and do not exercise as they should. Though exercise is healthy, certain exercises can do more harm than good for your hemorrhoids. This is because grueling exercise can put too much pressure on our blood vessels, and as hemorrhoids are swollen blood vessels, this can spell disaster. What you need to do are gentle exercises, and Scott has outlined the steps to simple exercises which can be done sitting or lying down in the comfort of your own home. No gym membership required. How awesome is that?

How The Approach Is Different From Other Treatment options

Here are some of the most common treatment methods for hemorrhoids and why Jamie believe they are not as good for treating hemorrhoids as the Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol system.

1. Creams and ointments – They would simply address the symptoms to provide temporary relief. They don’t stop the hemorrhoids from coming back soon after. Also, creams and ointments are not very effective for relieving very intense pain caused by hemorrhoids.
2. Eating more fiber – It’s not as easy as it might sound. You would have to force yourself to eat more vegetables. And despite eating more veggies, there is no guarantee that you’ll really notice any change in the your hemorrhoids.
3. Banding – Banding is a procedure where they tie bands around each hemorrhoid to stop blood flowing to them so that they can wither and fall off. Jamie claimed the procedure worked for him for a while. However, over the next 4 months the hemorrhoids came back.
4. THD (transanal hemorrhoidal dearterialization) – This is a minimally invasive surgical procedure that uses an anoscope combined with a Doppler transducer to identify the hemorrhoidal arteries, then a suture ligation is performed to effectively decrease the blood flow to the hemorrhoids. According to the Jamie, this procedure was very painful for him and he did suffer some complications. Postoperative bleeding and constipation are included among some of the arising complications of THD.


  • No strict diet plan required – The eating guidelines should be very easy for most people to follow.
  • Natural and effective – The program uses a 100% natural method and has no side-effects.
  • It targets the actual causes of hemorrhoids in order to give you a fighting chance of remedying the condition itself.
  • Some users experience weight loss due to improvements in eating and moving.
  • 3 week step-by-step program with easy to follow instructions. Also offers you a quick start process so you can get started fast.
  • 60 day money back guarantee to protect your purchase just in case you’ll need a refund.
  • Downloadable, information-based product allows you to get instant access as soon as you order.


  • You will have to change your diet to a certain degree in order for the program to work. It is not a highly restrictive diet plan, but you may have to remove certain foods from your diet that you are accustomed eating.
  • Like most information products for fixing health problems, you must strictly follow the instructions provided to get satisfactory results. And results will vary from person to person. Even though Jamie completely got rid of his hemorrhoids in 3 weeks this does not mean it is guaranteed for you to get the same results.


Hemorrhoids Healing Protocol is a smart approach for getting rid of hemorrhoids. It targets the real cause of the condition to provide a lasting cure so that you would be free from the pain and discomfort for good. Also, the program is based on natural and safe methods that anyone can easily follow. The program shows you the basic lifestyle tweaks you can make that will attack your hemorrhoids at its source. Many people spend years trying ointments and treatments for the condition but ended in disappointment. If you’re a hemorrhoids sufferer that is trying to manage this painful and distressing condition, you should try the program. But just keep in mind, although not very restrictive, you’ll need to make some changes to your diet and moving habits.

How Do Individuals Normally React To Trauma

Man Looking Sad

Individuals can react in very different ways to such trauma but there are some typical, normal post-traumatic reactions.

  1. Numbness, shock and denial
  2. Fear
  3. Depression, helplessness and hopelessness
  4. Elation
  5. Irritation and anger
  6. Guilt
  7. Flashbacks, nightmares and intrusive memories
  8. Loss of faith and trust
  9. Changes in thinking and perceiving
  10. Changes to the nervous system
  11. Avoidance
  12. Changes in relationships

Many of these reactions will occur not only if individuals have been the “primary” victim of a particular incident but also if one of their loved ones or close friends or colleagues has been involved in such an incident (the “Ripple Effect”).

Sudden trauma may also disturb, not just because of what did happen but what might have happened.

Whilst most individuals adjust successfully after a traumatic event, within a few months, certain individuals do develop a post-traumatic psychiatric condition, the best known of which is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).